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Super Nintendo Classic Mini Review

Return of the king.

So, I realise I've reviewed these in the wrong order, but it doesn't really matter. Whatever else you want to say about the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, it has to be pretty special to topple the Mega Drive Mini, which I gave a 9/10, making it my favourite mini console so far. Hell, it's got twice the amount of games as the Super Nintendo Classic Mini. Except, except, except, with the Super Nintendo Classic Mini you're effectively getting a greatest hits compilation. Seriously. There is no filler here, just banger after banger after banger. I could be extremely cliche and compare both mini consoles to heavyweight boxers slugging it out for supremacy (which was pretty much what the 90's were), but that analogy doesn't go far enough. Honestly, I'd forgotten just how many awesome titles that the SNES played host to.

And they all play as well as they did back in the day, even with my rose-tinted spectacles firmly left off. I mean, you could argue that Chrono Trigger should be on here, but that's about it. And it's not as if there aren't alternatives. The Secret Of Mana is on here, as is Zelda, A Link To The Past and Final Fantasy 3. I also love the fact that Nintendo has added some games that I never got to try back then. There's Earthbound, Super Mario RPG and best of all, Star Fox 2, a game that never even got released.

As I said, I gave the Mega Drive Mini 9/10 and it was my favourite mini console. But now? Well, it's almost too close to call, with both machines offering convincing arguments to be the best. My favourite? I'm still undecided, but the Super Nintendo Classic Mini oozes quality and stands shoulder to shoulder with the Mega Drive Mini as my favourite mini console.


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