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Mega Drive Mini Review

Now, growing up, I was a Nintendo boy. Cut me and I'd bleed red and white whilst throwing scorn at the neighbours over the street for owning a Sega system. Thankfully, since then, I've done some growing up and I appreciate all games systems for their strengths, which is good, because the Mega Drive Mini is not just an all so ran cobbled together to take advantage off the mini console boom, but (whisper it, Nintendo fans) it's a contender for best mini console released.

Nothing like a Batterang, no, Sir.

Firstly, though, the look of the thing. It (rather predictably) is a miniature Mega Drive that comes with 2 full-sized pads. But present-day me can appreciate the sleek ergonomic pads and the design of the console itself a lot more than young, biased me. To be frank, the Mega Drive Mini looks like something that Batman would make; the miniature machine glowing faintly red from an led when the power's on, looking like some beast ready to pounce. You'll want to show this one off.

Under the hood, there're 42 games ready to play, with classics like Altered Beast, Streets Of Rage 2 and Ecco The Dolphin coupled with other gems like Gunstar Heroes, Earthworm Jim and Sonic Spinball. All in all, though it's a cliche to say, you could argue that there's something on here for everyone. And, if that's not quite true, then the selection of games on offer is at least as deep as it is long. And if, pound for pound, it hasn't got as many classics as Nintendo's 16 bit mini offering, it does have double the titles and to this end you could argue that the Mega Drive Mini represents better value for money, that and the fact that it has more than enough classics of it's own.


Awesome collection of games.

Brilliant pads, 2 with every Megadrive Mini

cool looks.




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