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Evercade Jewels #5

Title: Alien Brigade

Where is it? On The Atari Collection 1

What is it? An old-fashioned shooting gallery with Aliens!

So yeah, this is an Operation Wolf clone, but that's no bad thing. You're facing a battlefield with your target on screen. You move the target using the dpad and fire using the A button. Simple, right? Well not quite. This game should come with a light gun, but it works just fine with the pad and buttons. But, as all manner of hell breaks loose, with soldiers, tanks and aliens firing at you from afar, it's easy to get carried away. For starters, not everything is hostile. It took me a couple of goes to realise that the helicopter that appears is there to pick up hostages and not to be blown to kingdom come by yours truly. You also need to try and save some ammo. At the start, I was just holding the button, but that just led to me failing my mission. Once I'd sorted this out, it was plain sailing.

Alien Brigade in its truest sense, is primary coloured gaming. You could probably teach a toddler to play it. But accessibility is no bad thing, especially as the game is a lesson in making the most of the hardware it's played on. And, though it's a simple idea, it's hard not to be won over by the self assured way in which Alien Brigade goes about its business. This is, in short, twitch gaming that's perfectly suited to the Evercade.


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