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Evercade Jewels #2

Title: Phelios

Where is it? On the Namco Museum Collection 2

What is it? A vertically scrolling shooter rooted in Greek Mythology

Graphically, the game would be improved by using the old SNES graphical trick, Mode 7.

Phelios is a hard as nails shooter steeped in Greek mythology. You play Apollo on his winged horse Pegasus, which is a bit more interesting than the usual space shooter fare that's synonymous with this kind of game. Graphically, it's average, this is a Mega Drive port, at its best when you're up against one of its many bosses, but reaching them is another matter entirely. Wave after wave of enemies come at you unrelentingly, filling the screen with their firepower. You'll be thankful that you can save the game at anytime as you inch your way closer to the end of the level and the boss.

As far your firepower goes you can pick up various weapon upgrades, bur these don't last forever. Most of the time you'll be using the bog standard option, which is not a lot of good, the digital version of a peashooter. But holding the fire button down allows you to charge up a bolt which is a lot more like it, you can take out multiple enemies with one shot.

On the whole, Phelios is a fun shooter to play, but it's not always fair. You're gonna die lots trying to finish this one, but, providing You don't mind the extreme difficulty you'll find an enjoyable title.


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