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Evercade Jewels #1

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Title: Tanzer

Where is it? On the Mega Cat Studios Collection

What is it? A run and gun hack and slasher and a speed-runner's wet dream

Tanzer, to be frank, is amazing. It's got a distinctive look and a surprisingly catchy hard-house soundtrack. In Tanzer you travel through time killing enemies, collecting gold and fighting ridiculously hard bosses. it's a little like Strider back in the day, except there's one major difference. Tanzer is fast. worthy of the italics fast. There's also a triple jump mechanic which'll see you bounding all over the place killing enemies whilst avoiding their fire. The gold I mentioned is left behind by enemies when they die, and you can spend it on health or elemental weapons upgrades in between levels. What this translates to is a feeling of omnipotence whilst you bounce around killing everything in sight, or at least, that is, until you come to a boss.

See, they're not just hard, they're savage. They can be beaten in time honoured tradition by mastering their moves and learning the order in which they do things. But you'll come a cropper a fair few times before you figure them out, it almost doesn't feel fair sometimes. When you do manage to beat them though, cue euphoria that rises along with the soundtrack (until you get to the next boss that is.)

In closing, this is amongst the best games on the Evercade and one you should definitely check out.


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